Star Room

As your child grows older they will progress into the Star Room. We always assess each child based on their developmental ability and not just their age.

The Star Room ensures a large movement area to enable children to move around and progress from babyhood into the new toddler world. We offer calm, consistent and attentive care to allow progress.

The large room is divided up into areas of learning with a role play area where children can socialise, a welcoming cosy corner where children relax and share books. A maths area where children can enjoy building and colour matching exercises. Finally, a great messy area where children use the space for messy, sand and water play.

We focus strongly on personal, social and emotional development as well as communication, language and physical development.

The stars also have their own garden area and also use the ‘travel train’ to venture out and about safely in the community.

“Babies and younger children take part in a wide range of play activities to develop their senses as they explore treasure baskets and feel the sensation of gloop as they use their fingers to make marks” Ofsted, 2014