Astronaut Room

Our purpose built Astronaut is bright and spacious and has its own safely enclosed outdoor play area with free-flow access. A big part of the children’s learning takes place outside. We have clearly defined areas, the carpeted area with book corner, role play area, small world and construction space. Our messy play is located in our kitchen area where Astronauts are able to experiment with paint, collage, sand and water play. Messy play is very popular and the children love to explore the different textures – it may be ‘Dinosaurs in jelly’, ‘Penguins in ice’ or ‘Washing our dolls’ with lots of bubbles but it always creates lots of communication between the children. 

Every Children play outside in our secure, enclosed garden. Astronauts have free-flow access into the garden during the summer months and we have a covered classroom area so that we can make full use of the outdoors.                                                                                                        Children develop their gross motor skills with hoops, balls, digging and making mud pies. There are even worms for those who want to see. 

Our large role play area is loved by the children and regularly changes from a castle to a hospital, an airport or even Santa’s Grotto. 

We work with parents to follow your usual home routine. After lunch we have a quiet area and cosy bed mats for those who still need that gentle nap. 

We also work with you to support potty training and ensure the routine helps your child to learn in the most effective way. 

We work regularly with the older children in Rocket Room to ensure the transition to a more structured learning zone is then an easy one. 

Every week our older Astronauts go over and join the Rocket Room for a music and movement session with Clare from Wiggle Waggle. We find this is a great way to slowly introduce them to what will become their new room and we find that when we start transitions over to Rockets our children are very excited to move onto ‘Big Rockets!’ 

There is a strong focus on play and learning in the outdoor environment. All children explore the outdoors enthusiastically and excited; this helps them develop new skills and support their enjoyment and wellbeing effectively.